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Management Team

Michael L. George Sr. (Chairman of the Board)

Mike received a B. A. in Physics from the University of California, and an M. S. in Physics from the University of Illinois. He then joined Texas Instruments in Dallas as an Integrated Circuit engineer on the Minuteman II D37B Guidance computer, the first mass production of Integrated Circuits. After 5 years, Mike left TI to lead a Venture Capital startup, International Power Machines, a manufacturer of digitally controlled Pulse Width Modulated Uninterruptible Power Supplies. As CEO, he dramatically improved the manufacturing process and took the company public in 1980. The company was subsequently acquired by a division of Rolls-Royce. 

He then traveled to Japan to study the Toyota Production System (aka “Lean”). To assist companies in implementing Lean, he founded the George Group Consultants. Subsequently, Six Sigma also was recognized as important. Mike realized that the two methodologies could be subsumed as Lean Six Sigma.  Mike wrote the book “Lean Six Sigma” which, for the first time, combined Lean and Six Sigma. George Group grew in sales to $100 Million per year and was sold to Accenture in 2007. His 22 years of consulting revealed a huge operational deficiency: Scheduling software does not use Lean Six Sigma methods and hence cannot accurately predict delivery times. The major obstacle to using Lean Six Sigma was that it required real time process data, and an order of magnitude increase in computational capacity for large Supply Chains. These two obstacles were removed by the Internet of Things and fault tolerant Cloud with auto-scaling compute capacity and security.  In 2016, Mike began the application of Kessington Aerospace, achieving On-Time delivery improvement from 54% to >98%, also increasing EBITDA from -4% of Revenue to +17% in 2 years. Having proven that really works, he decided to offer the software in 2022. can now be applied to even the largest Supply Chains, Engineering and Logistics processes improving On-Time delivery > 98%. Mike has been awarded several patents for process improvement and

Michael George Jr. (President)

Mr. George holds a B.A. in Physics from Southern Methodist University and a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.

Mike is President of, providing support for its clients in the application of software. Mr. George is a Management Consultant and Co-author of Lean Six Sigma in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (McGraw-Hill, 2019). Mr. George is an accomplished Lean Six Sigma practitioner working to advance the application of AI solutions to drive improvements in warfighter readiness and organizational improvements in cycle time.

Mike is also President of Blackland Group, LLC. Mr. George is responsible for managing the investment portfolio companies of Blackland, including Kessington, LLC a holding of Blackland Aerospace, LP. Mr. George led the acquisition and financing of Kessington, LLC and Prikos & Becker, LLC, both portfolio companies of Blackland Aerospace, LP.

Prior to this, Mike was Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for George Group’s Federal Services division and led George Group’s entry into the Federal Government marketplace. Mr. George was subsequently responsible for developing more than $160 Million worth of prime Government contracts for George Group. The contracts contributed significantly to George Group’s dramatic growth of 50% per year between 2004 and 2007.

Mike has an in depth understanding of planning and implementation of Lean Six Sigma, Artificial Intelligence, and other process improvement initiatives.

Nick Kunesh (Vice President of DOD / Government)

Nick Kunesh has served in senior level management roles in both the public and private sector and has extensive experience in supply chain management and manufacturing environments. Nick served for five years as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Logistics. During his tenure he was the executive champion, assuring funding and alignment, of the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program and the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) program implementation lead for the Department of the Navy including the Secretariat, Navy and Marine Corps. The LSS training, structure, tools and portfolio management aspects were later adopted and used by the Deputy Chief Management Office (DCMO) for the rollout within OSD. He was also the CEO and president of a successful start-up port management and shipping company located in Basra, Iraq and Dubai, UAE. He strongly believes that the integration of people, processes and tools is critical to achieving success in any organization.

Wally Massenburg (Senior Advisor)

Walter (Wally) Massenburg has served in the aerospace and defense Industry for over 50 years. He is currently the President/CEO for an aerospace and defense company, LeadByEx, Inc., incorporated in Massachusetts and is a senior advisor to Massenburg spent nearly 40 years on active duty in the U. S. Navy culminating in his service as a Vice Admiral in his last assignment as the Naval Aviation Systems Commander. His innovative and creative approach resulted in the development of the architecture, process, and execution of the Naval Aviation Enterprise (a horizontal leadership behavior model that drove cost reductions while achieving and maintaining required readiness). Since his retirement from the Navy in 2007, Massenburg has held positions in BAE Systems, Inc as the VP/General Manager of Readiness and Sustainment through 2009 and in Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems; initially, as the Senior Director for Mission Assurance/Business Execution and finally as the Senior Director for Integrated Air and Missile Defense (Patriot) Sustainment until his retirement in 2020. He has been a mentor in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Venture Mentor Service, has taught at Defense Acquisition University (DAU), the Institute for Defense and Business, Boston University and has served on public boards. An aviator, logistician, aviation maintainer, strategic enterprise thought leader, program manager and educator, Massenburg continues to serve our country.

Keith Johnson (Business Advisor)

Keith Johnson received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Keith is a business advisor at, bringing over 30 years of operations strategy and servant leadership. He supports the integration of client processes with solutions, so clients can achieve their business goals. His industry experience includes manufacturing, transportation, construction, defense, research, insurance, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, oil and gas, and financial services.

Keith is also the founder and president of RCI Consulting, which has helped companies with operations strategy since 2011. Keith is a sought-after facilitator and trainer, having led 200+ rapid improvement teams, and is the author of the book “How to identify and charter a lean six sigma project – tips and tricks learned the hard way”.

Previously, Keith was the rapid continuous improvement leader at Dr Pepper Snapple Group, a principal at Accenture, an engagement director at George Group, and a process engineer at Celanese. He is a certified Master Black Belt.

Mike Finley (Advisor)

Mike Finley is a career logistician with more than 40 years of executive experience in strategy, supply chain, MRO, finance and procurement and is an advisor to He retired as a Rear Admiral in the US Navy, was a Partner at the management consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PwC), specializing in consulting to government and industry with a focus on aerospace and defense issues; continuing his consulting career now at BCG as a senior advisor.

Mike led the Government, Aerospace and Defense sector at the management consulting firm of PRTM prior to their acquisition by PwC in August of 2011. After a successful career in the U.S. Navy, he joined PRTM in 2003 as a partner and was one of the primary builders of their Government, Aerospace and Defense sector. He has led projects across forward deployed military operations, policy development, commercial market growth strategies, maintenance and repair operations (MRO), major transportation and distribution projects, industrial manufacturing and process improvement, sourcing, supply chain, revenue growth and after-market / life cycle sustainment strategies. He has led major business transformations in both the commercial and government sectors of aerospace and defense organizations.

Rear Admiral (retired) Finley served in numerous U.S. Navy leadership positions. He was the Commander of the Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) providing logistics support to both U.S. and allied naval forces around the world. He also served as the Director, Supply, Transportation and Ordnance Programs and Policy Division (N41) in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C. In addition, Mike commanded the Defense Logistics Agency’s Aviation Center responsible for global support of all US military services aviation assets.

Donald J. Wetekam (Advisor)

Donald J. “Don” Wetekam brings a half century of leadership experience in the aerospace and defense industry to Wetekam spent 34 years on active duty with the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 2007 as a Lieutenant General after holding several top leadership positions in aircraft maintenance, logistics and supply chain management. During his Air Force career, he built a strong reputation as an innovator and process thought leader. From 2007 to 2018, he served as an officer with AAR Corporation, a leading public aerospace services company where he was developed and executed a strategy to elevate the company to the top tier of DOD’s aviation service providers. Today, he teaches and directs a leadership program in the engineering college at the University of Oklahoma and has also been instrumental in the development and launch of an innovative aerospace research institute at the University. Wetekam has and continues to serve on a number of community, state and national boards.

Ron Rosenthal (Advisor)

Ron Rosenthal enjoyed a distinguished government career with the Department of Defense. He held various positions within the Department of the Navy including Principal Assistant, Acquisition, Programming & Budgeting for the Director of Naval Air Warfare and was the Head of the Cost Department at the Naval Air Systems Command with responsibilities of providing cost estimating and analysis support to all naval aviation programs. Ron was assigned as the Program Manager for the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning Program where he was responsible for the reengineering and standardization of Navy-wide processes through Business Process Reengineering and the coordination of ERP-related activities within the Department of the Navy. Over the past 13 years, he has been providing trusted advice to Government and Corporate IT business system modernization projects.

Noah Coad (Amazon Web Services Technical Advisor)

Noah Coad brings 25 years of leadership in the software development industry. He is currently a Senior IoT Customer Delivery Architect at Amazon Web Services, designing, selling, and overseeing IoT platforms for AWS customers in the consumer products, industrial manufacturing, and connected services fields. He’s worked with Fortune 500 customers and many more to develop new lines of business through connected products, reduce operating costs, and improve customer experience and retention through IoT. Noah started at AWS as a Software Development Manager on AWS S3 Cloud Storage, the largest core service of AWS, driving 9 figure operational cost savings programs that resulted in lower S3 storage pricing for AWS customers and expanded AWS cloud storage efficiency and speed.

Noah started his career as a Program Manager of at Microsoft Inc (Redmond, WA), he designed and oversaw the development of advanced software development tooling and core feature sets for the Visual Studio Team System platform, including managing the product release details for a 1,200 – person product, and shipped three versions of the product over six years.  A part of taking the product from a revenue of $5 million per year to $20 million a year.  Then as Chief Technology Officer for LifeNexus Inv (San Francisco, CA), he built a team and brought to market from the ground up a $25 million product to revolutionize automatic consumer medical record systems using innovative security and health data networking.  He went on to found Infinitum Development, which built leading edge mobile device applications and advanced web and cloud applications utilizing open source technology stacks.  Then decided to build a new team as VP of Sherman Bridge Lending (Dallas, TX) where he head up product development into new breaking fields of real estate property acquisition and using data to drive innovations in investment lending.

Noah holds a B.S. of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University. He was recognized as a world leader in Microsoft C# technologies as one of the first 40 world-wide MS C# MVPs (now over 350). He has published a Wiley Press book on advanced software team tooling and techniques that was a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

Tim Frenzel (Technical Advisor)

Tim is a Senior Technical Project Leader with a unique background combining Lean Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Software Development, Enterprise Management Systems and Curriculum Management. His responsibilities normally include leading software development project teams from concept through design, implementation, completion and sustaining phases. Tim is adept at analyzing business issues throughout the supply chain, driving to root causes and then designing and implementing processes or software solutions to improve operational performance.

Tim is a Business graduate of American Intercontinental University and is a native of Texas.

Experience includes Mostek Corporation as microcomputer components engineer (2 yrs.), International Power Machines as PCB (printed circuit board) test engineer (5 yrs.), George Group as Sr. software developer (developed Supply Chain Accelerator and Virtual Coach software) and LSS Consultant (20 yrs.), Accenture as LSS Consultant and Sr. Data Analyst (5 yrs.), Guthrie Group as Software developer and Lean Consultant (4 yrs.) and is currently President of TNF Enterprises which offers Software development (C#, SQL Server and other languages when needed) and Data analysis services. Tim has provided software development, data analysis and advisory services to and its clients since 2015.

Working with employees and advisors, Tim helped shape their ideas into a software architecture and then ultimately working software. Having over 40 years of combined, Engineering, R&D and Software development experience, Tim coded some of the software himself and coached other developers during the implementation of the software, first used at Kessington Aerospace.

Tim enjoys staying involved throughout the lifecycle of the products he works on and will be supporting well into the future. Expect him to be involved in Virtual software demonstrations and as part of the implementation and support team for your business.