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“A New Reality in the World of On-Time performance”

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Imagine a world ...

Imagine a world where delivery promises are kept throughout complex processes such as Manufacturing, Supply Chains, the Federal Government, DoD, Banking, R&D Projects, and Health Care Delivery. Imagine no more!

Cutting edge technologies have brought about this new reality with 98% delivery to promise date. Promised delivery dates are no longer in question, potentially late deliveries are predicted and corrective action is taken to achieve 98% on time delivery to promise.

The World of Technology has Changed’s commercial software takes advantage of the Cloud, whose compute capacity is unlimited due to auto-scaling and fault tolerance. This is coupled with real-time data from the Internet of Things (IoT). We are the only software company that has proven this “new reality” in an actual Supply Chain Company which you can visit in person or by Web conferencing for a software demonstration.

The Foundation for Change

Old school expediting is ineffective and counterproductive, as the delivery time of other jobs will be delayed. targets late jobs and applies labor operating below 100% of capacity to affect late jobs until they are on time. makes thousands of adjustments every 15 minutes to keep the entire process in-synch and on time – much as a ballistic missile makes course corrections to ensure accuracy and time of impact.  Expediting is neither required nor desired for 98% on time delivery. software has achieved 98% on time performance by applying the capabilities of this “new reality.”  This new reality enables our Algorithms which are inspired by:

               * Artificial Intelligence (AI) sequencing

               * Little’s Law of process delay time            

               * Targeted Throughput Constraint elimination (Theory of Constraints                             foundation)

These Algorithms determine if a job is currently predicted to be late, so that corrective action can be taken to make the job become on time, such as Targeted Throughput Constraint elimination.  These results are scalable, from the smallest server-based system to the largest organizations operating in the “Cloud”. software enables all processes to be on time to promise by making timely mid-course corrections and changes to priorities at every workstation in the process, to achieve on time delivery. achieves 98% on time to promise because it uses real time data, and is more than 10 times as compute intensive as the current inaccurate scheduling software. These breakthroughs are enabled by the:

              *  Thousand-fold increase in computations per dollar since 2000

              *  Real time data provided by the Internet of Things (IOT).

Developed prior to these two breakthroughs, current scheduling software:

              *  Uses “standard” data which does not reflect reality, instead of real-                              time data.

              *  Cannot accurately predict late completions and take corrective                                      action – resulting in only ~50% on time delivery.

              *  Is “fire and forget” and takes no action to make a late job on time. 

In response, companies achieve >50% on time delivery by excessive investment in inventory resulting in potential write offs, expediting expense and poor cash flow. software achieves >98% on-time without these risks and applies to any process in any industry or function.

We have assembled a team of experts from government and industry that understands the importance of on time delivery to promise. 

If you would like to schedule a live demonstration of this proven software operating in a Supply Chain, please contact us.